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Lots of love today and beyond~

Evermine Bridal specializes in modern, clean silhouettes with design elements that set the pieces apart - color, pattern, shine, fabrication and draping techniques.

From a gift for your bridesmaids to a maid of honor thank you gift, so many people have come together to help you reach this important milestone. No doubt you will want to thank them for all their help and something with an extra element of sentimental value, or a sweet personal touch will be on the agenda. 

We like to help you create something that can be cherished for a lifetime. Whether you’re looking at our premium robes or our sweet range of shawls, many of our gifts can be monogrammed or personalized, to make them oh-so special. Perfect for every taste, style or budget - each of our personalized gifts will make you laugh or cry!

At the heart of Evermine Bridal is a dedication to craftsmanship and authenticity. Every Evermine Bridal Product is a true couture fashion handmade in USA. Handcrafted in our studio, our team of pattern maker/graphic and textile designer design/hand drawn each artwork and digitalize each sewing and embroidery pattern. We transform our design vision into garments with the right fit, silhouette and functionality.